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1. Swing outer arms up into open position. See Fig 1.

Fig 1

2. Choose a Resistance Band based on your skill level. The higher the level and LB, the more resistance it will be.

We recommend starting at the lowest resistance level and working your way up.

When the workout becomes too easy, it is time to increase resistance.

Fig 2

3. Insert Resistance Band into Resistance Band Slots, being sure band is securely in place and laying flat. See Fig 3.

Fig 3

4. To use, grab Hand Grips and place Arm Rests on your forearms. See Fig 4.

Please read "WONDER ARMS™ WORKOUTS" section to see the different types of positions we recommend to work different areas of your body.

Fig 4

5. When done, fold Wonder Arms™ into closed position and store away until ready to use again. See Fig 5.

Fig 5

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